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Hardware & Mechanical

Our team of mechanical and hardware engineers have experience for handling customer need right from feasibility study to compliance. We provide customer with concept and detailed design, make prototypes in line with ergonomics up to achieving product compliance.

Product Design & Development

  • Requirement Study, Feasibility & Product Ideation
  • Concept & Detailed Design
  • Design, Development & Prototyping
  • Verification & Validation
  • System Integration testing
  • Pre-compliance testing
  • Product certification testing by 3rd party labs(FM, CE, UL, FCC, NEMA, etc.)

PCB Board Design

  • Schematic creation & Circuit simulation
  • Multi-Layer Design (up to 24 layers)
  • Library management
  • Signal Integrity Analysis, Board Thermal analysis, DFX Analysis
  • High speed digital design, Mixed signal Analog design
  • RF/Antenna design, Low/High power design, Design simulation

Industrial Design, Prototype, Production Support

  • Concept Generation & Feasibility Studies
  • Styling & Ergonomics
  • Sheet Metal, Plastic, Rapid Prototyping –SLA/SLS
  • Casting, Sheet-Metal, Machining, Plastic Molding
  • Jigs & Fixture Design, Vendor Development

Engineering Analysis &

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Finite Element Analysis, Structural Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Database/Configuration Management
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Legacy Drawing Conversion
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