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Who we serve

Oaces cater to OEMs across various industry verticals that are involved in design, development, test, assembly and manufacturing of products that can be categorized as standalone measurement and control equipment or integrated and specialized controls for a larger product.

Material Management Equipment

Group of OEMs supplying hardware and associated software to control, monitor, measure and test equipment used for Automated Material Handling, Tracking and Tracing

Agriculture Equipment

Group of OEMs supplying Agriculture and Environment related monitoring, control, analysis, test equipment and related software

Auto Identification and Data Capture

Group of OEMs supplying control, monitoring, measurement and test equipment for Building Automation, Human/ Animal Movement, Identification, Presence, Occupancy, Intrusion Detection and Security related products

Electrical Power Equipment

Manufacturers of test, measurement, monitoring, control equipment and related software for Power (High/ Low) Voltage applications

Laboratory & Analytical Equipment

Group of suppliers of Hardware and Software used in laboratories at Industrial, Medical, Pharmaceuticals/ Bio-Science and Universities for analysis and research

Machine Builders

Group of OEMs who manufacture machinery with in-house control, monitoring, measurement systems and related software for automation

Process Equipment

Group of OEMs supplying Processing equipment to various related industries

Utilities Equipment

Group of OEMs of Utility equipment with inbuilt Control and Measuring capability

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